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Horizons students receive high school elective credit for paid or volunteer work experience. The Work Coordinator helps students find jobs, if necessary, and monitors the work experience with the employer's input and evaluation of job performance. Horizons students can earn up to two credits a year for successful work experience and one credit a year for community service. Students are also required to spend one hour each week with the Work Coordinator to learn about improving job performance, job attitudes, as well as customer service and co-worker relations.

A primary focus of the Horizons Work Component is to expand our students' outlook on the world-of-work. The Work Program hopes to expose our students to permanent year-round jobs and careers. Our students vary in age as well as work experience. We look for job placement in areas such as construction, food service, clerical, banking, and sales. When a full or part-time need is identified, a student can be identified to meet the need, or several students can be referred for an interview. This is a valuable learning tool for our students and is consistent with our educational goals.